Sweet Melissa Fashion Show
Two new LCN Selections were among the 50 hottest plants in horticulture, rocking the runway in the
Sweet Melissa Fashion Show at the National Green Centre Show earlier this month.

Weeping Extraordinaire™ cherry tree and Bobbee™ compact bayberry were featured in HorticultureAmerican NurserymanGarden Center Magazine and Better Homes & Gardens. This ‘trifecta’ of all avenues of industries working together was profiled in Garden Center‘s November issue.

Compact Selected Native
Myrica pensylvanica ‘Bobzam’ Bobbee™
Sporting pewter-gray aromatic fruit, Bobbee is more compact with larger, wavier, and glossier foliage compared to the species. It tolerates acidic soils and wet or dry sites exceptionally well.

Myrica pennsylvanica 'Bobzam' Bobbee™






No Ordinary Cherry
Prunus x ‘Extrazam’ Weeping Extraordinaire™
Extra large and fluffy double blooms are accented by copper new growth. A very vigorous growing cherry with glossy green foliage turning burgundy in the fall.

Prunus x 'Extrazam' Weeping Extraordinaire™







Catch Me if You Can at…
HGTV Home Plant CollectionThe ANLA Management Clinic where I’ll be representing Agricola Management Group and the new HGTV Home Plant Collection.

Visit with me, Randy and Brad at the Agricola hospitality suite Wednesday and Thursday evening.  Drop in to one of our Lunch & Learn sessions on Thursday or Friday where I’ll be presenting ‘The Power of a Consumer Brand’.  The presentation will detail why HGTV enjoys a 95% consumer brand awareness and how Agricola is poised to tap into the HGTV customer mindset through plants.

Horticulture and American Nurserymen magazines

Write Stuff

Never in my wildest dreams did I envision myself being a writer let alone a paid author! But here I am!
You can find me in each issue of American Nurseryman andHorticulture magazines. ‘Nursery Insight’ is my opinion piece column in American Nurseryman. The Jan/Feb issue of Horticulture marks my last Gardening Life column. Look for the new column I’m organizing, ‘Expert Picks’, starting in March/April.

Some of the hottest new plants in 2012 are highlighted in my Jan/Feb story for the northern State-by-State magazines.

My story on Dr. Bill Bauerle, Emeritus, OSU and Tom Demaline, Owner, Willoway Nurseries and their research partnership is the Jan cover story for Nursery Management.

The Great Big Home & Garden Show

Talking Up
New Plants

I’ll be making two appearances at the Great Big Home & Garden Show at the IX Center in Cleveland, Ohio this February.

I’ll be on the Main Stage on Wednesday, Feb 7th at 3pm talking about the ‘Hottest New Plants in 2012’, featuring the Sweet Melissa Fashion Showentrants.

Sunday, Feb 12th at 1pm I’ll be on the Petitti Stage presenting ‘Slim & Trim Is In’ featuring narrow, dwarf and compact selections perfect for today’s smaller landscapes.

To learn more about what the Lake County area has to offer, visit the Lake County Visitors Bureau Booth #813brought to you in part by Maple Ridge Gardens.

Save $1.00 on the show entrance fee by ordering your tickets online.

Basketball Fever

Go Cavs
and Mavs!

Man cannot live on plants alone! NE Ohio is known for both its nursery industry and professional sports teams. Regardless of their performance, I’m a die-hard Cleveland fan.

I’m super happy the CAVS are back in action! My fav player is Anderson Varejao aka ‘Wild Thing’.  I even wove him and the CAVS into one of my American Nurseryman columns on marketing. Email me maria@upshoothort.com and I’ll send you the story!

At an NGLCO meeting with the CAVS social media specialist, I suggested they follow the lead of the Mavericks by copying their green initiatives in the Dallas community by planting a tree for every three pointer and winning game.

Now that’s a promotion worth imitating!


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