Floral Elixir Co.
Handcrafted Floral Drink Mixers

Floral Elixir Co. started from an idea to start enhancing cocktails with flowers in late 2008 when owner, Nora Egger, returned to the US after living in Europe for ten years.  Nora had spent her time living between Europe and the US, and while working in Europe she traveled extensively to more distant countries.  She immersed herself in the incredible foods, herbs, and drinks that those cultures offered. Nora noticed that flowers played a role in creating beautiful drinks and dishes in many of the places she visited.  Upon her return to the US, she wanted to revisit those experiences and create her own line of cocktail and soda mixers. She crafts each bottle by hand with a team in very small kettles.
Her company strives to source top quality natural and organic flowers and their distilled extracts to create a strong essence, or Elixir, by blending them with a touch of pure cane sugar to create an incredibly potent enhancer for cocktails and sodas.

“Simply adding a splash of our Floral Elixirs transforms spirits or sodas into adventurous libations for any occasion!””
Nora Egger, Founder of Floral Elixir Co.

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