Guest Blog Post by: Carol Michel

Originally posted on May Dreams Garden Blog, April 20, 2011

I’m on a hunt…
Malus ‘Guinivere’ crabapple

Looking for something in my garden…

Focusing in on it.

I know if I look long enough, I’ll find it.

It may not be in the usual places, because these days what is in the usual places? It may elude me some days, but if I’m diligent, I should be able to find it most days.

I wish I could find more of it in one place, though, but will have to settle for finding little bits of it here and there. Then I must become more adept at using those little bits of it and not wait until I find big pieces of it, because big pieces of it are scarce around here.

I could buy it, and I have bought some of it this year already. It it isn’t as fun to buy it as it is to find it because then you don’t really have it for yourself, it is merely borrowed.

Sometimes when I’m away from my garden, I think about where I am going to find it, a whole bunch of it, but then something happens and I’m too tired to look for it or too busy to look for it.

It is most disappointing when I think I’ve found it, finally, and it rains and it gets all wet so I can’t use it like I had planned to, dreamed to, wanted to, needed to. And it is true, the scarcer it is, the more valuable it is to us, so when I finally find it I will do my best to use it wisely, because I never know how much of it I’ll get.

But I’m not giving up hope of finding it because I usually do end up finding it eventually.

“It” is time in my garden. If you know where it hides, please let me know, I’m looking for more of it.

Blog post written by Carol Michel, May Dreams Garden


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