Straightforward, practical garden advice punctuated with personal garden stories makes The 20-30 Something Garden Guide: A no-fuss, down and dirty Gardening 101 for anyone who wants to grow stuff by Dee Nash a delight to read.

A gardener with more years under my belt than I want to admit, I am always a bit leery about reading garden books written for the new gardener. I have gardened long enough to know there is always more, so much more, to learn about gardening. However, many my-first-garden-books are ho-hum and a bit on the light side, even for the first time gardener.

deeWorry not my new to gardening friends; this book is a far cry from pedestrian! As soon as I dove in I could hear the collective sigh of relief of countless young gardeners. Imagine if you will a young gardener in training. She wants to grow her own food, inspired by all the talk about GMOs, the health benefits of growing your own food, the cost effectiveness of starting seeds and the wonderful, tasty bounty that is promised with a little hard work. But then reality sets in and she is about to throw in the trowel.

Starting plants from seeds? Crop rotation? Warm and cool season plants? Dressing up the edible garden with ornamentals? It’s enough to make a freshman gardener head to the grocery store crying uncle!

Fortunately, Dee Nash has put her years of hands-on experience in the garden to paper. Her beautifully written garden advice and how-to is punctuated with personal stories, allowing the reader get to know this garden guru on a new level. The lovely photos and illustrations tie it all together.

If you are new to gardening and desire to grow your own edibles, or you know a new gardener looking for that one book that has it all, you cannot go wrong with The 20-30 Something Garden Guide.

This book review originally appeared in The Garden Life


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