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Gardening Makes you Healthy, Wealthy and Wise

It’s a new month and a new year and for many that means setting New Year’s resolutions.  Popular goals include lose weight, get fit, save money, eat healthier, manage stress, and reduce, reuse and recycle.

As the following graphic shows, one activity, namely gardening, can help you accomplish all those goals with one task so perhaps you should consider making it your #1 resolution for 2014!

View above info-graphic at higher resolution here…


Celebrate Good Times, Come On!

Celebration maple gives you multiple reasons to kick up your gardening boot heels as this freemanii cross is practically maintenance free!

Celebration® maple tree characteristics

Celebration is a winner on multiple fronts. It is virtually seedless meaning there are no bunny ears or helicopters to clean up! It has strong crotch angles so its branch structure withstands snow and ice loads without breaking. When grown on its own roots, it won’t cause sidewalk and driveway upheaval. And it is heat and drought tolerant making it a proven tough, urban street tree!

Improve Your Plant Life Balance

Plant/Life Balance

When visiting Australia in 2012, I was struck by the creation and commitment to the Plant/Life marketing campaign efforts by the Nursery & Garden Industry of Australia.
Put a plant on your desk
The 1st marketing phase focused on ‘Put a Plant on your Desk’ because statistics show that houseplants cut down on sick leave by 60%!

Last spring they launched phase 2, where the theme is ‘More Trees Please’ which is designed to promote the health and well being benefits of trees to a wider audience. The focus includes trees making urban streets safer and creating places for recreation and enjoyment.

Why try to reinvent the wheel? Let’s encourage our industry leaders to learn from our friends down under to imitate and/or collaborate!

GARDEN for the health of it!

Gardening Fitness

Whether you’re a beginner or experienced, your decision to garden means you’ve made a commitment to a healthier lifestyle.

If you’re in to any type of sports, you realize it is in your best interest to do warm-up exercises to prepare your body for physical activity. Well it shouldn’t be any different when you garden but I bet a lot of people are like me and don’t prepare to garden properly.

Which is why you need to meet my friend Stacy Walters Best of Fit to Garden.

fit to garden

Sign-up for her mailing list to receive her newsletter and you’ll also have access to her Fit to Garden Guides including Gardening Warm-ups, Proper Gardening Bio-mechanics, Post Gardening Stretches, Core Stabilization Training and more! 

Gerbera Daisy

Breath Easier

Do you want to develop a green thumb but aren’t quite sure where or how to start?

Green thumb

Why not begin with an indoor house plant? Keep it simple; choose from a snake plant, spider plant and/or a golden pothos. I recommend one of these because they are common and easy to find, relatively inexpensive and best of all, they are easy to grow selections.

A golden pothos and spider plant combo pot

Besides being an indoor design accessory which can brighten up any room, houseplants help clean and purify the air and can create a more relaxing environment to help you de-stress.

Click here for some tips on growing indoor plants.


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