Bobbee™ Compact Northern Bayberry

Bobbee™ is one tough plant! If you have a tough (wet or dry, salt spray) site in the residential or commercial landscape, this is the plant for you.

I like the compact nature of this shrub, yes it gets 6′ tall but it’s not leggy looking. I like trees and shrubs that work in a retail environment along with commercial and residential landscape projects, and this shrub does just that. We sell Bobbee™ in our garden center and use it on our landscapes that we design. I recommend Bobbee™ for tough landscape sites!”

– Bryan T. Rice, President
Rice’s Nursery and Landscaping


Blue Blaze™Fireworks™Raspberry Tart™Newport® and Ovation™ Viburnums

Blue Blaze™ and Raspberry Tart™ Viburnums
“Being a niche grower, specializing in Viburnums, we are frequently asked if there are any Viburnums that do not get large. Many of today’s landscapes have to adapt to the smaller lot sizes being offered to homeowners, so all of the above listed LCN Selections are a perfect fit due to their compact habit and mature size which is considerably smaller than the species. “

Fireworks™ Arrow Wood Viburnum
“Dentatum Viburnum is a compact grower with a columnar habit, growing 6-7’ tall and only 4-5’ wide. The foliage is glossy green, turning ruby-red in autumn. Flowers are borne in flat-topped cymes in early June, producing blue-black fruits which are persistent if not eaten by the birds.”

Ovation™ Blackhaw Viburnum

“This selection of prunifolium viburnum is a slower grower that is self scaffolding, forming a very tight and compact, upright, columnar structure that is perfect for screens or limited space areas. Very formal in habit, it grows 10’ tall and only 6’ wide. The new foliage emerges a subtle rosy-pink, maturing to a crisp celery green. The flowers are typical of the species, attracting hummingbirds and butterflies. Fall color is a rich burgundy. Our customers love the upright habit of this plant, and since its introduction, it has outsold the species.”

Newport® Japanese Snowball Viburnum
“A dwarf and very compact, rounded plicatum maturing at 4-5’ tall and wide, growing only ½ the size of the parent. It has a tidy, neat, clean habit that rarely requires pruning. The showy flowers are prolific, born in upright snowball-like clusters. The deep green foliage is quilted (ridge-furrow effect) which turns a superior rich burgundy in autumn. There is no fruit as the flowers are sterile. The selection is quite the show stopper when in bloom with flowers lasting almost 3 weeks when temperatures are favorable.”

– Gary Ladman, Partner
Classic Viburnums


Celebration® Maple

“I have been growing Celebration Maples in the landscape for the past five years. They have proven to be a landscape workhorse. They have none of the problems of a silver maple, they are seedless, which is always a bonus, great red to gold fall color and they are a medium size tree so they fit into landscapes that aren’t fields. Celebration Maples have strong branches that hold up in storms and I haven’t had any disease problems with them. I actually prefer these to Red maples because of their faster growth and better shaped habit.”

– Denise Schreiber,
Schreiber Horticultural Consulting


Cinderella® Genetically Dwarf Crabapple

“I first saw Cinderella in a garden setting while visiting Lake County Nursery, Inc. several years ago, and fell in love with this adorable, petite crabapple. I knew I’d have to have one. My chance came the following spring when I renovated my front garden. I saved the prime spot for this tree and have never regretted it. The shape is perfect, it’s completely carefree, and it looks great all year.”

– Jane Milliman, Publisher
Upstate Gardeners’ Journal


Cocktail Series™ and North by West Series™ of Shrub Dogwoods

“One of the best additions to our product line has been the LCN Selections shrub dogwoods. Strawberry Daiquiri®Creme de Mint™ and Chief Bloodgood™ have been excellent sellers for us and have year round landscape value.”

– John Lewis, Owner
JLPN, Inc.


‘Coral Sun’ Golden Raintree PBR

“Certainly a fantastic nursery plant in spring with a kaleidoscope of color dominated by yellow-gold and intense pink, it, with its small stature and rugged nature, is a superb plant for modern gardens too. Coral Sun doesn’t stand out only in the spring because in winter the twigs are golden yellow. We really like this tree.”

– Eric Hammond
Heritage Seedlings, Inc


Counties of Ohio Series™ of Gray Dogwoods

“Tough as nails! Every landscape designer dreams of a plant that can withstand drought and shade but also performs beautifully in sun and average moisture, is available in different sizes and shapes, and has more than one season of interest. To my delight, the LCN Selectionscultivars of Cornus racemosa fit this wish list. I probably use Cornus Geauga® the most because so many urban and suburban lots have narrow spaces yet height is needed to create privacy or screening.”

– Bobbie Schwartz, FAPLD
Bobbie’s Green Thumb


Crimson Pointe™ Upright Flowering Plum

Crimson Pointe™ Plum has been one of the greatest flowering plums to be introduced on the market in years. The columnar habit makes it very attractive to landscapers and landscape architects that want a tree that is columnar, flowering, has purple leaves and can tolerate a wide scale of weather zones. It’s been a hot seller for us since we started producing it.”

– John Lewis, Owner
JLPN, Inc.


 Firebird™ Variegated Dogwood

“Other variegated dogwoods look good in the spring but as the summer heat comes on they fade and begin to look rough. It looks fresh and enjoyable all season long. We’ve been growing it for a few years and are thrilled with it, demand is high and can’t get enough!

When you go to look at their dogwood crop, it is outstanding compared to all the rest, and I am impressed all over again. All of our Firebird’s are grown in containers. It is more compact and definitely slower growing compared to say Wolfii.”

– Jeff Thompson, Nursery Buyer
Eaton Farms

“Three seasons of outstanding color. A unique and rare variegated dogwood that does not burn in full sun. Intense fall color is unmatched by other dogwoods. Firebird is sure to be a very sought after dogwood in today’s landscape.”

– Keith Gossett, owner
Gossett’s Landscape Nursery, Inc.

“I planted a Firebird at my house last fall and it is beautiful right now. It is a slower growing plant but it makes up for it in color. It didn’t burn throughout the summer heat, but has a noticeable red color on the edges of the leaves. Then the fall color is striking with shades of dark red and purple. Overall, I think it is a great new Florida variety.”

– Jesse Nelson, Production & Sales
Hans Nelson and Son Nursery


Emerald Pointe™ Upright Hardy Rubber Tree

Emerald Pointe™ is another new narrow upright growing tree for small lots or tight spaces. The narrow upright tree has dark green thick wavy foliage, which is very attractive the whole growing season. Emerald Pointe™ grows about 5 feet wide and 40 feet tall. It is slow growing and is the first known cultivar of Eucommia. The beautiful foliage and narrow growth habit is to me one of the more attractive new upright varieties available for the market today”

– Lance Lyon, Owner
Lance Lyon Consulting


Firespire® Musclewood

“I have grown Carpinus caroliniana ‘J.N. Upright’ Firespire® for 10 years in the Longenecker Horticultural Gardens (USDA Hardiness zone 4) and it has been more reliably winter hardy than any of the other columnar hornbeam selections. Its fiery red-orange autumn foliage coloration rates the best of the columnar hornbeams, so I consider Firespire® to be an ideal choice for use as a small-scale columnar tree.”

– Edward R. Hasselkus
Professor Emeritus, University of Wisconsin-Madison


Gingerbread™ Paperbark Maple

“Although winter is primarily the time of year to showcase structure in the garden, this does not mean it needs to be devoid of color. Evergreens, colorful woody stems (Acer griseum x nikoense ‘Ginzam’), ornamental berries and the remnants of dry grasses and seedheads all partner together to chase away the winter blues. Flowers are not totally out of the questions, either. Some woody plants, late-winter bulbs and cool-season annuals (for more temperate climates) also strut their floral stuff in sunny spots this time of year.”

–  Stephanie Cohen and Jennifer Benner
Quote taken from The Nonstop Garden printed by Timber Press


Golden Candle™ Upright Golden Rain Tree

“There are many new varieties of upright narrow columnar trees. One of my favorites is Golden Candle™. It is a tree with compound medium green leaves. It is very narrow (4 feet wide) and very upright to about 35 feet, and has golden blooms on the end of the upright branches. It is a seedless variety with good heat and drought tolerance. I like the tree for its tight upright shape and good color. The bloom is a plus, but it would be a great tree without the bloom. It is a good accent tree, which can be grown in most urban environments.”

– Lance Lyon, Owner, Lance Lyon Consulting

“We are always looking for new and exciting plant varieties to offer our customers each year. One of the most new and exciting varieties recently introduced by LCN is the narrow columnar variety of Golden Rain Tree, Golden Candle™. This variety has everything one wants in today’s trees for today’s market. It is narrow (4 feet wide) with very upright branching, growing to a mature height of 35 feet. It has beautiful golden blooms and because of its growth habit will fit in most urban settings. Customers, after seeing the Golden Candle™, can’t wait to get it into their offerings. This tree has got to be one of my favorites.”

– Dick Bocci, Customer Service Manager
Carlton Plants


Golden Ruby® Barberry

Golden Ruby® Barberry (Berberis thunbergii ‘Goruzam’) was planted in our landscape last spring. Little did we know at that time what a hot and extremely dry summer we’d have.

As a fairly shallow-rooted shrub in its first year, it was certainly challenged by the less than stellar growing conditions. It got regular watering just as everything did, but I worried that by fall it would do what some barberries do – lose foliage and look as if it were dying. Not this one!

It looked good all the way through fall and I’m looking forward to enjoying its beautiful gold-tipped burgundy foliage again this year – the reason I chose it in the first place.”

– Kylee Baumle, Writer, Author and Speaker
Our Little Acre Blog


Guinevere® Dwarf Crabapple

Guinevere® is a crabapple tree for all seasons. It blooms in mid spring with dark pink buds that open as pale pink, almost white, flowers and has beautiful dark green foliage that turns to shades of orange in the fall. It is a “neat and tidy” crabapple that rarely produces any actual crabapples and never shows of disease. It stays naturally smaller, almost reminiscent of a Japanese maple in the garden, making it suitable for small spaces and smaller gardens. I can and do recommend this variety to others.”

– Carol Michel, Garden Writer
May Dream Gardens Blog


“Take advantage of the stunning silhouettes many trees and shrubs exhibit in the winter landscape. Choose plants that also have attractive flowers, fruit or foliage – such as apples and crabapples (Malus species and cultivars, Zones 3 to 9, such as Malus Guinevere) since these will provide interest at other times of the year, when winter is all but a distant memory.”

–  Stephanie Cohen and Jennifer Benner
Quote taken from The Nonstop Garden printed by Timber Press


Lemon Ice™ Weigela

Lemon Ice™ is a strong vigorous grower with repeat blooming, attractive foliage, and exciting yellow flowers. What more can you ask for in a plant? It fits the bill for an easy to sell, profitable plant. Lemon Ice™ gives a whole new look to the Weigelas that are on the market today. We are excited to be able to offer this plant to our customers.”

– Dave Van Essen, Owner
Van Essen Nursery


Lo-Hugger™ American Cranberry

“This is a tough, unique, evergreen fruiting shrub that has bright green foliage with pink flowers in spring, followed by edible fruit and burgundy fall foliage. From a production standpoint, we like Lo-Hugger because it grows fast and we can make size relatively quickly. For landscape designers, Lo-Hugger is a versatile ground cover for corporate and homeowner landscapes. This Vaccinium works well for under foundation shrub and tree plantings or cascading over rock walls and ledges. It integrates well with mixed planters; especially for consumers living in small urban spaces that are crazy for edibles! The large, red berries are a key feature for feeding both local wildlife and gardeners. A truly clean, low maintenance, pest and disease free multiple season cultivar.”

– Ken McVicker,
Director of Marketing & Product Development
 Van Essen Nursery


Lollipop® Dwarf Crabapple

“I love these trees in groups of three on each side of a path. It creates rhythm and the tree gets tight pink buds followed by white flowers in spring, berries in summer that swell and turn darker in fall, and the no-maintenance canopy gives dense green show in summer and dense twiggy shape in winter. All of this at eye level! What more could you ask of a tree? Luff that little bugger.”
– Karen Sullivan Atkins
Proper Gardens


Old Fashioned Smoke Bush PBR

“I am always on the hunt for easy care shrubs that cope with less than perfect soil, delinquent deer, full sun and only occasional watering. They also have to look fabulous for at least three seasons and – most important – have outstanding foliage. ‘Old Fashioned’ Smoke Bush PBR (Cotinus coggygria ‘Old Fashioned’ PP19035) does all this and much more.

This is no ordinary green leaved plant! The cool blue-green tones blend with every other color in the garden from fiery reds to cool silver. It can be a soothing note amid a riotous color scheme or a specimen in its own right. I planted mine where the evening sun can shine through the foliage adding a unique luminous quality to the garden. Simply breathtaking.”

Karen Chapman, Author and Speaker
Le jardinet


Passionate™ Hydrangea

“Although we are primarily a tree liner grower, we have seen excellent sales with LCN Selections Passionate™ Hydrangea. The bloom is extremely large, the plant is pest free in our fields and growers are amazed by the plants vigor. It’s been a great addition to our product line and has opened doors to additional sales opportunities.”

– John Lewis, Owner
JLPN, Inc.


Persian Spire™ Upright Ironwood

“Persian Spire Ironwood is a tree that stays columnar. Great color from spring through fall. If you are looking for a beautiful, small tree for a narrow space, Persian Spire may be the answer!”

– Karen Chapman, Owner
Le jardinet Landscape Design Services


Ping Pong™ Buttonbush

“I needed a plant for screening in an area that goes from occasional flooding to standing water, to a shallow water table. Unlike the species, which has a loose and gangly habit, Ping Pong™ Buttonbush is uniform, dense and compactly upright at about 6 ft. tall. Ping Pong™ plays well with others and has a unique flower display. What’s not to love with a well-behaved nativar?”

– William (Will) Radler, plant breeder
aka ‘Mr. Knockout’


Show Time™ Crabapple

“I’m growing Show Time in Northern New Jersey and it is SHOWSTOPPING! Amazing color, great habit, unblemished foliage. I spoke about Show Time in the class I teach (Plants for Therapeutic Horticulture) at the New York Botanical Garden and I recommended it highly!”

-John Beirne
Newbridge Services
Enrich Horticultural Therapy Program designer/ project manager

Samaritan® Chinese Dogwood

Cornus kousa chinensis ‘Samzam’ Samaritan®, is a very vigorous grower with outstanding cream and green foliage. This LCN Selection is by far the best variegated kousa selection we have grown to date. The leaves are very tolerant of high arid temperatures, showing no heat stress. Growth habit is upright with heavy branching. We can easily expect 4′ and 5′ branched trees from a two year old tree from a bud.”

– Dan Nelson, Owner
Hans Nelson & Sons Nursery

Cornus kousa chinensis ‘Samzam’ Samaritan® tolerates the heat in Tennessee so well, in particular compared to ‘Wolfii’ whose leaves curl up and crisp in the summer. Samaritans® variegated foliage stays fresh and clean looking during the growing season and it has no anthracnose or borer problems.”

– Iain Hiscock, Owner
 Commercial Nursery


Snow Fountains® Weeping Cherry Tree

“Anchor the border with a mix of strong plant shapes. Flowering herbaceous plants may steal the spotlight during warmer times of the year, but structural woody plants carry a garden through the cold dormant months….cascading habits of deciduous trees like Snow Fountains® Weeping Cherry tree add a dramatic arching contrast.”

–  Stephanie Cohen and Jennifer Benner
Quote paraphrased from page 218 of  The Nonstop Garden, printed by Timber Press

“When the weeping pea tree died at the entrance to our home many years ago, I knew I wanted something with a weeping habit again, but the spot was difficult. Despite amending the soil extensively, it faced west with horrendous winds unimpeded by anything coming across the field. Only something that could take the hot summer sun and those drying winds for days, sometimes weeks, on end would work.

We chose a Snow Fountains® Weeping Cherry (Prunus subhirtella x cv. ‘Snofozam’)on a standard and it’s thrived since Day One! It has beautiful fall color, but of course I love it in spring when it’s covered in white blossoms and is literally buzzing with pollinators. And despite it being sited a little too closely to the house, it takes to hard pruning very well and still looks attractive at our entrance, some 10+ years later.”

– Kylee Baumle, Writer, Author and Speaker
 Our Little Acre Blog


Squirt™ Compact Leucothoe

Squirt™ Compact Leucothoe formally made its debut at the 2013 Farwest trade show New Varieties Showcase. This woodland ‘nativar’ is catching on with growers and consumers. Adam Brown, Sales Manager at Decker’s Nursery in Groveport, Ohio says, “We had been working with Squirt for a couple of years before we realized its full potential. The glossy dark evergreen foliage catches your eye all year with striking burgundy hues appearing fall through winter. We have seen a strong response from our customers.”

Adam continued, “This industry could use more plants like Squirt. It is grower friendly with a fast growth rate, compact habit, and little disease problems. It is also consumer friendly with four seasons of interest flowers, foliage, and texture makes this plant welcome in any landscape.”

– Adam Brown, Sales Manager
Decker’s Nursery


Weeping Extraordinaire™ Double Flowering Cherry

“Our nursery started growing Extraordinaire on a trial basis 10+ years ago. We have produced this tree as a top-grafted form at both 5 ½’ and 4’ heights. It easily produces a # 1 head with a first years graft. The limbs, foliage and flowers have a Kwanzan cherry look. The large, double pink flowers are borne in abundance. The fall foliage turns to burgundy colors and holds its leaves longer than other cherries. We found this selection to be a vigorous grower with a unique weeping habit.”

– Dan Nelson, Owner
Hans Nelson and Sons Nursery