<Old Fashioned Smoke Bush PBR
Cotinus coggygria ‘Old Fashioned’ PP 19,035
cotinusoldfashionednewfoliage   cotinus_old_fashioned_foliage

Height & Spread 6′ h x 5′ w
Shape Broad and upright
Flower Fleeting, bright yellow-green
Fruit N/A
Zone 5
Foliage Spring:     Purple flushed new growth
– Summer:  Blue-gray mature foliage
– Fall:          Pink, orange and red hues
Features – Garden specimen shrub
– Can be trained into a small tree
– Spring – summer are great for cut flowers
– Deer resistant
Old Fashioned Flyer
Testimonials: “I am always on the hunt for easy care shrubs that cope with less than perfect soil, delinquent deer, full sun and only occasional watering. They also have to look fabulous for at least three seasons and – most important – have outstanding foliage. ‘Old Fashioned’ Smoke Bush PBR (Cotinus coggygria ‘Old Fashioned’ PP19035) does all this and much more.” Read more

Old Fashioned Smoke Bush PBR Flyer…
Plant genetics provided by PlantIPP/Concept Plants

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