ohio_logo_2014 (1)In a recent post on Ohio.com Jim Chatfield, a special writer for the Akron Beacon Journal, shared a rather favorable review of Garden-pedia, the book I co-authored with Pam Bennett which will be available in stores early 2015. In the article Jim writes, “Garden-pedia, by Pamela Bennett and Maria Zampini, is a handy dictionary of garden and landscape terms. It’s designed to help those who grow plants to better understand common horticultural terms…. From binomial nomenclature for species on up to plant families and why it matters to a context for exotic invasive pests and plants and the term “aggressive” for native plants that may also cause problems in certain landscape contexts, this book helps us all to rethink what we think we know.”

I know I speak for Pam when I say we are thrilled to see our book receive positive reviews for gardeners, bloggers, fellow authors and industry leaders. And we could not agree more with Jim Chatfield when he writes, “To close: Heed these words of the Roman scholar Cicero: If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.”

So true, so true!

The complete article with book review is available here.


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