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        ‘Old Fashioned’ Smoke Bush

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‘Old Fashioned’ 
Smoke Bush

Cotinus coggygria 

‘Old Fashioned’

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Looking ahead, UpShoot will be promoting this shrub to the trade as well as garden writers in 2015. We’re planning a ‘formal debut’ in the New Varieties Showcase at the 2015 Farwest tradeshow.

Think ahead so you’ll be ready for the demand. Brigg’s Nursery has liner numbers so place your order today!


  • Deer resistant
  • Can be trained into a small tree or hedge
  • Typical Cotinus flowers in spring – summer


  • Three seasons of colorful foliage provides growers and retailers multiple sales opportunities
    • Purple flushed new growth in spring
    • Blue-gray mature leaves have an ‘Eucalyptus’ look compared to other ‘green’ cultivars in summer
    • Fluorescent pink, orange and red hues in fall
  • Consider promoting to your local cut flower grower association (Read Huffington Post on 2014 fall floral trends)

  Grower Tips

  1. Strike liner directly into 1g pot
  2. Cut back after first growth flush to encourage fuller bush
  3. Overwinter in greenhouses to prevent leaf scorch
  4. Full sun produces more flowers, move outdoors to growing beds after frost warnings have passed
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“I am always on the hunt for easy care shrubs that cope with less than perfect soil, delinquent deer, full sun and only occasional watering.

They also have to look fabulous for at least three seasons and – most important – have outstanding foliage. ‘Old Fashioned’ Smoke Bush PBR does all this and”…

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Karen Chapman
– Karen Chapman
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