Marleys Pink Parasol™ Japanese Snowbell

Styrax japonica ‘JLWeeping’

Height and Spread8-10' tall x 4-5' wide
Shape and GrowthWeeping
Plant TypeDeciduous flowering tree
FlowerPink, fragrant
Bloom TimeSpring
FruitBrown, nutlet capsules
FoliageDarker, glossier green than most cultivars, lemon-yellow fall color
LightFull sun or part shade
SoilPrefers moist, well-drained soils, pH 5.0-7.4
Pruning or ShearingTo shape if desired
Landscape UsesSpecimen tree, container plant, small gardens
PropagationGrafting or softwood cuttings
Disease ResistanceNo pests or diseases observed to date
Environmental BenefitsTolerates urban pollution
Discovered by John Lewis of JLPN Liners


– Light, sweet cotton candy fragrance
– Fall foliage color is bright lemon-yellow
– Good pest and disease resistance
– Centerpiece in patio containers
– Great in small gardens or landscape settings
– Named after breeder’s daughter