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Hot Summer Color from J. Berry Nursery’s Cool New Introductions: Hollywood Hibiscus and Lavender Lace Black Diamond Crapemyrtle

Hot HeadJune 29, 2016 – Grand Saline, TX—Hollywood™ Hibiscus plants and Lavender Lace™ Black Diamond® Crapemyrtle will take center stage at the J. Berry Nursery 2016 Cultivate booth. These new varieties tick all of the boxes for the growing segment of garden center customers leaning toward garden decoration and outdoor living design as opposed to strictly utilitarian foundation and container plantings.
With spectacular color and prolific blooms during the hottest summer months, the plants fill an important niche in the garden center: no-fail high performers for the heat that provide instant garden interest.
Stop by booth 1963 at Cultivate and check out New Product Showcase numbers NV50 and NV51 to find out how these plant introductions increase revenue for existing retail programs by encouraging mid-season sales and drawing in new customers.
Hollywood TM HibiscusHibiscus Goes Hollywood
Plants in the Hollywood Hibiscus line answer to the “New Now” philosophy of homeowners looking for a sophisticated, camera-ready pop of color. “I saw an opportunity in the marketplace to combine the exotic flowers of the hobbyist style hibiscus with the attractive habit, disease resistance, and bud count of the commodity hibiscus on the market,” says Jim Berry, co-owner of J. Berry Nursery and co-developer of the of the Hollywood Hibiscus line. “After years of breeding, we have achieved an extremely vibrant collection. The Hollywood Hibiscus plants showcase the best traits of both lines: fancy, long-lasting, exotic flowers, outstanding bud and bloom count, superior shrub qualities, and excellent disease resistance.”

Hollywood Hibiscus are known for their:

  • High bud and bloom counts
  • Blooms that last multiple days
  • Vivid and unique colors
  • Compact growth habits
  • Commercially-friendly growth rates
  • Resistance to bacterial leaf spot and whiteflies
  • Dark green foliage that highlights the bright flower colors

Popular Hollywood Hibiscus varieties this summer include Hot Head™—the deepest red hibiscus on the market, and Social Butterfly™—a showstopping bloomer with flowers in tropical shades of canary yellow, fuchsia, orange, and red. These are not to be upstaged by Leading Lady™, covered in a profusion of delicate lemon yellow flowers.
Black Diamond a Sure Bet
Lavender Lace (TM) Black Diamond (R)Jonathan Berry, Vice President of J. Berry Nursery, says “Lavender Lace, the newest introduction, is an outstanding addition to the Black Diamond Crapemyrtle Collection. Its extensive bloom period and intensely dark foliage are unique among commercially-available varieties. Gardeners love the intermediate growth habit and resistance to powdery mildew wrapped up in such an eye-catching package.” The Black Diamond Collection boasts the most extensive color palette of blooms of dark-leaf Crapemyrtles on the market. Black Diamond plants retain their dark foliage throughout the entire growing season, rather than reverting to green during the heat of the summer.

Fall in love with Lavender Lace

  • Stunning black foliage that holds its color from spring through frost
  • Masses of beautiful blooms early summer until frost
  • Resistance to powdery mildew and cercospora leaf spot
  • Commercially-friendly growth rates
  • Drought tolerance once established
  • Low maintenance for the end consumer
  • Perfect size (10-12’ tall and 8’ wide) for urban landscapes, small space gardens and suitable for containers

J. Berry NurseryJ. Berry Nursery is celebrating its 10th anniversary with a year of new introductions in their innovative, consumer-friendly plant lines. Learn more at www.jberrynursery.com.
For more information on J Berry Nursery contact:
Tamara Felux


Jim and Maria ZampiniAbout Upshoot

UpShoot, LLC is a boutique horticulture marketing firm specializing in the sales, licensing and marketing of new plant introductions to North America, Canada, Europe and Australia. UpShoot also provides marketing services for gardening related products to both the trade and consumer audiences. For more information, contact Maria Zampini, President at 440-812-3249 or maria@upshoothort.com



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