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Get to the Root of Manual Weeding

Madison, OH (January 28, 2014) – The Ring Weeder is simplicity at its’ finest; a garden tool that fits your finger, helping gardeners of all ages and ability weed densely planted areas where larger tools won’t fit. It is useful in flower beds, square foot veggie gardens, pavement seams and more.

The Ring Weeder is available in two sizes – large and small. Meant to be worn over a gardening glove, it slips over your index finger and can easily be custom-fitted to any finger size.

Watch the Ring Weeder Video
The Ring Weeder Video“The Ring Weeder is one of the most useful tools that I’ve used,” commented Angelika Swanteck, Horticulturist and Co-founder of Long Island Garden Gurus. She went on to say, “I garden for a living and its small size and ease of use makes it my favorite tool for removing the weeds, roots and all!”

The Ring Weeder

Better Weeding, Fewer Weeds
The Ring Weeder is appealing to gardeners of all ages – especially the aging Baby Boomer gardener where adaptive gardening practices are becoming more important.

For instance, one Kickstarter backer from Hawaii had this to say about The Ring Weeder:  “Dude! These weeders are great! Solid quality and does EXACTLY what you say it does!! Traditionally I would use a forked tongue weeder held like a small shovel. The Ring Weeder feels way more natural as I don’t have to angle my wrist to scoop like a shovel.”

Featured in the Press
Vince and Prototype DeveloperFrom a media standpoint, the story behind the development of The Ring Weeder is an American dream and a story unto itself. After months of research and development, inventor and entrepreneur Vinnie Suozzi needed investors to move forward.

A suggestion from his son John convinced Vinnie to utilize Kickstarter.  The goal was to raise $8,500. As it turned out, The Angel Tool Company received over $21,000 from 872 product believers in fewer than forty days from a non-gardening crowd-funding website!

The Ring Weeder has already been featured in these online and print articles:
“This little gadget is quite the workhorse,” commented Jessica Damiano of Newsday. “The small fork-edged tool serves as an extension of your hand to facilitate precision weed and root removal.”

The Business InsiderGiz Magazine  Newsday Blog Article  Yahoo Homes

The Ring Weeder allows you to get the whole root which will save gardener’s time and effort in the long run. The Ring Weeder can be purchased directly online. Wholesale pricing is available upon request for retailers.

About Angel Tool Company

Vince, Ring Weeder inventor

Vinnie Suozzi, President of Angel Tool Company has been in the landscaping industry for over thirty years.  Looking for the perfect tool to weed perennial and vegetable beds, The Ring Weeder was born out of necessity. For more information, contact Vinnie Suozzi at 516-567-2843 or Vinnie@theringweeder.com

About UpShoot
Maria and Jim ZampiniUpShoot, LLC is a boutique horticulture marketing firm offering expert sales, marketing and licensing of new plant introductions and gardening-related products to the wholesale green industry and gardening consumers.
For more information, contact Maria Zampini at 440-812-3249 or maria@upshoothort.com


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