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       Show Time™ Crabapple
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Show Time™ Crabapple Spring Flowers

Fucshia red flowers cover bare branches in spring.  Learn more »
Show Time™ Crabapple Fall Fruit

Birds are attracted to the fall fruit. Horticulture Magazine article »

Show Time™ Crabapple
Malus ‘Shotizam’

Show Time is a WOW in bloom. It was introduced at the peak of the downturn in the economy when crabapple sales bottomed out in the ornamental tree market.
But seeing is believing; once growers saw this tree in their neighbors’ fields, they were sold and said, “Sign me up for a license and ship me some budwood.” When consumers spy this beauty in bloom, they want one – no questions asked.
It has fluorescent fuchsia red flowers; even brighter than Prairie Fire! It has a pleasing orange fall foliage color which complements its bright red fruit.

 Features Tell and Benefits  Sell

  • An improvement over its parent plant, the ever-popular Centurion
  • Very hardy – Zone 3
  • Disease free selection
  • Outstanding replacement for ‘Prairifire’ per Ohio State University (OSU)
  • Calipers more quickly than ‘Prairifire’
  • Compared to ‘Prairifire,’ its flowers are more prolific and larger in size; their contrast against the leaves makes the flowers even more luminous, bright and eye-catching
  • Flowers are more brilliant than ‘Royal Raindrops’
  • Forms a well structured head with little effort, in particular compared to ‘Prairifire’

  Grower Tips  

  1. Grown by summer chip or t-budding
  2. Visit or talk with Show Time growers to see and hear its superior traits, order liners or secure budwood
Upshoot by Maria Zampini: Living, supporting & sharing horticulture.


“I’m growing Show Time in Northern New Jersey and it is SHOWSTOPPING!  Amazing color, great habit, unblemished foliage.I spoke about Show Time in the class I teach (Plants for Therapeutic Horticulture) at the New York Botanical Garden and I recommended it highly!”
John Beirne
John Beirne
Newbridge Services
Enrich Horticultural Therapy Program Designer/Project Manager


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