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Third Annual New Plant Fashion Show
This January the 50 hottest plants in horticulture will be on display during the Third Annual Plant Fashion Show at the National Green Centre Show in St. Louis, Missouri.
I’ll actually be walking the runway myself! I will be showcasing the plants UpShoot is representing including LCN SelectionsGolden Candle™ and Snow Splash™ plus Firebird™ from Commercial Nursery in Decherd, TN. Our entries are profiled below!
New this year will be a consumer version of the Plant Fashion Show at the Mizzou Botanical Gardens at the University of Missouri in Columbia.
Va,Va, Va Variegated
Firebird Variegated Dogwood
Cornus florida rubra ‘Fircomz’
A sport from Cherokee Brave, Firebird’s finest attribute is its’ green and white variegated foliage sporting red to burgundy new growth all season long. As fall nights cool, red tones over take the entire leaf. This selected native tree is slower growing than other cultivars.
Firebird™ Variegated Dogwood


Golden Variegated Sunshine
Snow Splash™ Hypericum
Hypericum androsaceum ‘Snospzam’

Selected for its foliage, Snow Splash™ Hypericum leaves are a luscious mix of cream, green and pink variegation. It produces single, gold flowers typical of Hypericum.During fall, the foliage takes on deeper tones of pink and red hues along with attractive red fruit turning blue-black.
Snow Splash™ Hypericum - St. John’s Wort

Tight Spot Tough
Golden Candle™ Golden Rain Tree
Koelreuteria paniculata ‘Golcanzam’

Golden Candle™ is upright and extremely columnar tree with a width of only 4’! A great choice for small areas. It performs well under adverse urban conditions like drought, heat and tolerates most soils. Plant them in a row, a group of three or as a single, focal point.
Golden Candle™ Golden Rain Tree Koelreuteria paniculata 'Golcanzam’


The Salvation Army

Doing the
Most Good

One of the many lessons I’ve learned from my father Jim Zampini is ‘giving back’ to your community.
I’m proud to say I serve on the Advisory Board of the local Salvation Army Corp in Painesville and Lake County, Ohio. The Salvation Army is ‘Doing the Most Good’ in your community and nationwide with support during natural disasters such as Hurricane Sandy.
The ‘Red Kettle’ is synonymous with the Salvation Army.  This year marks the 122nd Red Kettle Campaign which for the 16thyear will kick-off on Thanksgiving Day with the half-time show at the Dallas Cowboys game.
As usual, I’ll help man the ‘Red Kettle’ at the Great Lakes Mall on December 1st. If you pass by a ‘Red Kettle’ this year, please consider helping the Salvation Army continue their work. Times are tough but donations, big or small are sincerely appreciated; remember, pennies do add up to dollars.
Special Note:
When donating by mail, specify  in the check memo section which SA citadel you want your dollars to go to (otherwise it is placed in a general fund).
Thank You and God Bless!
Garden Writers Association

Garden Writer

The Garden Writers Association is having both aregional meeting andworkshop in conjunction with the National Green Centre Show in St. Louis, Missouri in January.
I’m honored to be the opening speaker at this event with American Nurseryman editor Sally Benson.  We will discuss the state of the nursery industry and how garden writers fit in.
Garden writers are some of the most passionate plant people you’ll ever meet! And they possess talent that can be beneficial to the green industry such as expertise in writing press releases, social media, websites and more.

This is a perfect time for garden writers to meet the industry and vice-versa. Seize the business opportunity to connect!

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Heritage Radio Network

We Dig

UpShoot digs plants and so do Carmen De Vito and Alice Marcus Krieg. I met the owners of GroundWorks, Inc. – a garden design, landscape and maintenance firm in Brooklyn, New York at last year’s MANTS show in Baltimore.
I posted a picture of Ravens stadium on FaceBook which Carmen saw and commented on. Next thing I know, we set a time and place to meet at the trade show.
This talented two-some recently invited me to be on their Heritage Radio Network show called ‘We Dig Plants’. We spoke about women in horticulture, plants and politics and so much more.  Listen to my segment!

You can catch ‘We Dig It’ broadcasts live online Mondays at 4:30pm EST.

Highland Park® Big Tooth Maple
I hope you spend the day relaxing in the company of family and friends.
Take time to create fun memories to cherish in the future.


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