Samaritan® Chinese Dogwood

Samaritan® Chinese DogwoodCornus kousa chinensis ‘Samzam’ Samaritan®, is a very vigorous grower with outstanding cream and green foliage.  This LCN Selection is by far the best variegated kousa selection we have grown to date.  The leaves are very tolerant of high arid temperatures, showing no heat stress.  Growth habit is upright with heavy branching.  We can easily expect 4′ and 5′ branched trees from a two year old tree from a bud.”

Hans Nelson NurseryDan Nelson, Owner
  Hans Nelson & Sons Nursery


Samaritan® Chinese DogwoodCornus kousa chinensis ‘Samzam’ Samaritan® tolerates the heat in Tennessee so well, in particular compared to ‘Wolfii’ whose leaves curl up and crisp in the summer. Samaritans® variegated foliage stays fresh and clean looking during the growing season and it has no anthracnose or borer problems.”

Commercial Nursery– Iain Hiscock, Owner
 Commercial Nursery


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