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The Nonstop Garden Book

Follow Stephanie Cohen and Jennifer Benner’s trusted advice to build a truly nonstop garden. Replete with creative planting options for a year-round interest garden and a yard that requires less maintenance than a traditional perennial border. Three LCN Selections plants featured in the publication includes:

Press Release

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Stephanie Cohen, Co-Author
Stephanie Cohen“I’m excited about working with UpShoot to promote this publication as they just ‘get it.’ Having both a horticultural background and progressive marketing approach, I’m confident my book sales numbers on Amazon have increased. For some time I have been looking for someone to help me promote my projects. I was truly lucky in finding “UpShoot’ run by two bright, energetic, and lively ladies in our green industry!! They have great skills and real social media depth that I lack. I feel honored to be working with them as they make me feel like a friend and not just another client. They are the fantastic and I certainly rate two thumbs up for UpShoot.”
Jennifer Benner, Co-Author

Jennifer Benner“In today’s world, you’ll find many marketers without a specialty—selling any old widget. Not UpShoot, they talk the talk and walk the walk. True horticulture professionals through and through. They know the industry and how to spread the word about great products, creatively and with integrity.”]]>

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