“Maria Zampini is a true steward of the nursery and landscape industry.  Her job, along with the partnership of her dad Jim, is to introduce and promote LCN Selections, but Maria isn’t just about Maria or her job.  Aside from her “job”, she spends countless hours promoting the industry and its constituents through speaking engagements, contributing to the American Nurseryman, personal visitations, and articles in state and regional publications and newsletters.  Her topics include market, economic, and consumer buying trends, management tips, native plants, and many more.

These not only increase the strength of our industry, but they also help us individually to be the best at what we do, thus ensuring the success of our own business.  Setting personal priorities aside, Maria is truly concerned about each and every one of us and our continued success.  I am continually receiving requests from her to send our viburnum CD to someone she has recently visited that has shown an interest in viburnums.  She doesn’t have to do that, I haven’t asked her to do that, that’s just Maria.”

classicviburnum– Gary Ladman, Partner
   Classic Viburnums


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