“Maria and Jim Zampini have been long-time friends of Lake Erie College and have served as trustees of the Board of Directors in the past.  The image and appearance of the campus are the most important things for prospective students when selecting a college or university.  To that end, UpShoot LLC contributed much to our success over the years by improving the landscape and overall environment of the college community.

Additionally, LCNP has loaned a significant amount of flowers to the College on one of the most important days of our academic year for many years.  At the commencement ceremony in May,  we go to extreme measures to make the campus beautiful. By adding flowers, fresh mulch, the greenest grass, etc.  in order to make the last day of the student’s experience a special one for them to remember Lake Erie College by for years to come.  We are grateful to Maria and Jim for all that they have done.”

Lake Erie College– Michael Victor, President
   Lake Erie College


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