Lilly Roadstones—Getty ImagesFoolproof Plants for Small Gardens received a wonderful shout-out from TIME.com.   In the online article, The 8 Best Apps to Get Your Yard Greener Than Ever This Spring, author John Patrick Pullen writes, “The only way this app could only be more helpful would be if it could push a wheelbarrow.”  That make us chuckle!


The app, authored by Susan Morrison a landscape designer, master gardener, and the co-author of Garden Up! Smart Vertical Gardening for Small and Large Spaces, features special input and collaboration from Maraia Zampini when discussing Foolproof-Plants-for-Small-Gardenszones 5 and 6 plants.


“It was great fun working with Susan on this app and to see it garnishing praise simply reminds me that gardeners, the newbies and experienced alike, are craving new and innovative ways to access garden information,” reflects Maria.


Foolproof Plants for Small Gardens is available from both iTunes and Google Play. Published by Sutro Media.


image of man with phone: Lilly Roadstones—Getty Images



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