Get some inspiration from the gridiron for a successful season.

By: Maria Zampini for Nursery Management

First off, I’m thrilled to be writing on a regular basis for both Nursery Management and Garden Center magazines. I’m proud to be on the GIE Media team!

Speaking of teams, the Super Bowl introduced me to a player kids could actually look up to – the Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson.

The Sunday before the game I watched an ESPN special on this talented young man. During an interview he reminisced about this father, a former aspiring NFL player, who would tell him, “Why not you”? Russell adapted this inspirational quote for his team to, “Why not us”?

Despite being 5’11” and the shortest quarterback in the NFL, and being told he was too small to play, Russell proved his doubters wrong. He maintained a positive can-do attitude due in part to his faith in God and support of his family. He worked hard. He gave back to those who gave to him, like the little girl who made him a one-of-a-kind duct tape Seahawks wallet which he uses daily. He sought the advice of those who succeeded before him. While being interviewed by Terry Bradshaw after the NFC Championship win, Russell turned to the former superstar quarterback and asked him what he could do to win the Super Bowl.

What’s your game plan?

I want to pose the same question to you; “Why not you?” or “Why not us?”

I think we’re poised to be winners. Maybe not Super Bowl or Conference champions, but perhaps at least to have a winning season.

We have a new organization in AmericanHort. The green industry’s future is bright. It’s kind of like when the AFC and NFC joined forces to become the NFL, isn’t it? Together they built something bigger and better than if they’d stayed separate.

Mother Nature is throwing us challenges, but what else is new? She always does. If consumers end up with dead plants this spring, well darn, someone will just have to sell them new ones.

But like Russell Wilson, success will more likely come to those who have prepared sufficiently for the big day.

  • Working smarter and harder – The Seahawks had a written plan, but do you? Does your team know the game plan? Are the right players in each position?
  • Strong leaders lead but aren’t dictators. The team is doing more than just showing up to work each day, otherwise they are benched.
  • Keep a positive outlook. Those who can’t do much more than complain about the box stores, or ignore the fact that they must adapt their game plan to keep up with changing times, won’t be here for the long haul.

I recently read an article which contained other quotes from Russell including:

“No matter how good things are going or how bad things are going, no matter what the circumstances are you just have to play one play at a time.”

“You have to be a self-motivator in this world. That’s the number one thing that I am. I will always be the first one in and the last one to leave because I love the game.”

No doubt we all love the plant game, but our corporate game plans, attitudes and, yes, a little luck will determine who’ll be the fan favorites and will hold up the trophy when time runs out. May the best team win.




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