Annie HavenWe would like to introduce you to Annie Haven, the brewing masterminded behind Haven’s Authentic Brand Manure Tea.  Annie, a well-known and beloved member of the garden community, produces manure tea from her grass-fed livestock which are raised as naturally as possible. No stress and no worries and plenty to eat, Annie’s cattle live comfortably in a beautiful field in the heart of nature. Harvested and packaged by hand for the home gardener, her manure tea provides 100 nature nutrients to the soil for optimal plant growth. As Annie says, “It’s Mother Nature at her best.”

Annie’s packets are designed especially for the ever expanding small scale gardening market. Whether you are tending a high rise balcony, a home of indoor plants or a small city lot, Annie’s tea does the trick. Steeped overnight, each batch of manure tea is concentrated, making it easy and cost effective to feed a lot of plants with a single tea bag.  To learn more about Haven’s Authentic Brand Manure Tea, check out this video post of Arlena Shott of Garden Wise Living interviewing Annie.

Authentic Have Brand Your way to grow Naturally!

And that’s not all!  I’m proud to announce that my Garden-pedia related lectures and book signings will be sponsored in part by #MooPooTea with their Sampler Pack as a drawing give-away!   Together Annie and I are nurturing gardeners’ minds and their gardens (you know I had to have one pun in this post!).

My Garden-pedia related appearances, with a chance to win a Sampler Pack of  Haven’s Authentic Brand Manure Tea, are listed here.


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